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If you’re a still hunter, healing you get cold!  It seems that no matter how you dress, the “bone-chill” starts to set in after an hour or so of sitting perfectly motionless waiting for your trophy.  We’ve all experienced it – and find ourselves uncomfortably shivering or fidgeting when the anticipated moment we’ve been waiting for finally arrives.

The GunCaseBlanket™ provides relief from the bone chilling cold by ingeniously combining an extra layer of significant warmth into something you’ve already carried out into the woods with you – your gun case.

Designed by an engineer, with 40 years of engineering and still hunting experience, the GunCaseBlanket™ layers fleece, insulation and breathable, waterproof fabric into a patented gun case design, blending you seemlessly into the tree bark of your tree stand.

Simply unzip and unfold the warming case and strap it around you – packing up is just as simple.


Cover, Comfort, Protection & Quality.  It doesn’t get any simpler or more effective than that.


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For questions, suggestions, or to order the GunCaseBlanket™ for your next hunt contact: store@PatriotLWMOutdoors.com

avant garde; font-size: small;”>Creating desirable wildlife habitat is only a part of the overall wildlife management process. For a property to meet its full wildlife potential you must also look at the desired wildlife species and their individual populations specifically. Here are some of the services Patriot LWM employees for its clients to help them reach the goals for which they strive.

White-tailed Deer Improvement Options 

  • Sildenafil
    avant garde; font-size: small;”>Quality deer management planning and monitoring

  • avant garde; font-size: small;”>Camera surveys
  • Population surveys and analysis
  • Mineral and protein supplement station construction and monitoring

Waterfowl & Upland Game Bird Improvement Options 

  • Mallard hen house construction, installation monitoring
  • Wood duck box construction, installation and monitoring
  • Live release programs for Quail, Pheasant and other species of upland game
  • Predator reduction services 

Fisheries Improvement Options 

  • Fisheries stocking
  • Fish species management
  • Fish salvage, removal and relocation