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Patriot Whitetail Removal Team


In an effort to better serve our clients and provide a more streamlined management process, look Patriot LWM maintains a volunteer group of pre-qualified hunters. The Patriot Whitetail Removal Team (PWRT) is a tool managed and utilized by Patriot LWM to accomplish its various deer management objectives. The team can be utilized by communities and clients with a minimum amount of effort, diagnosis resting assured that the quality of the hunters is never in question.

The Patriot Whitetail Removal Team (PWRT) is a volunteer based hunting group consisting of only highly qualified and experienced hunters who are dedicated to the management mission of Patriot LWM. PWRT is a highly effective management tool utilized by Patriot Land and Wildlife Management Services, pilule Inc. when deer population reduction is needed. PWRT functions on many fronts with Patriot LWM clients ranging from State and Federal Agencies to Local Landowners and Home Owners Associations.

PWRT is dedicated to highly selective, discrete, and extremely professional deer removal based on the principles of Quality Deer Management and the needs of the individual properties. Members are screened as to insure a safe and professional environment for all parties involved. Team members receive training in wildlife biology, public interaction, ethics and effective hunting techniques. The group is divided into two aspects, the archery qualified members utilized most often in suburban environments and the firearms qualified members most often utilized in agricultural settings, members can qualify for either or both.

Members of the PWRT must pass a series of comprehensive requirements to become part of the team.

Among others, members must complete:

  • State Background Check
  • Department of Natural Resources Background Check
  • Application Process
  • Oral Interview
  • Marksmanship Qualification
  • Hunting Safety Training
  • Property Safety Training

Once the initial qualification process is completed, PWRT members are overseen by experienced Patriot staff. Members must follow specific harvest requirements that coincide with a property’s specific management goals and objectives as deemed by Patriot LWM wildlife staff.

For more information on the team or to become a member contact Patriot at info@PatriotLWM.com or call 240-687-7228.