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Property Management

Landholding Companies, thumb discount Management Agencies, doctor Investors, Landowners, Farmers and more!


Gain access to all the knowledge and skill of our sister company, Patriot Land & Wildlife Management, in an outdoorsman specific package.

Patriot offers a vast array of services to make owning and controlling lands easier. If your making property improvements, improving existing resources or just want to better manage those that use your property, Patriot can help you get professional results without wasting time.

We have the knowledge and organizational skills to take the hassle out of owning or controlling properties.

Project Implementation:

Want to make your property a paradise but don’t have the time? Patriot can make your dreams a reality. Patriot can help our clients implement their plans from start to finish or anywhere in-between. Our experienced staff and crew can implement your program regardless of size or spec, from wetlands restoration to reforestation and wildlife improvement, we can get the job done.


Environmental Asset Maximization:

Want to help your property reach its maximum investment potential while still maintaining it’s functionality for the landowners needs and goals? Patriot LWM Outdoors can help guide our clients through the process of getting the most out of their property. We can help our clients assests to meet there highest ecological and economical potential. From the planning phase right through the construction and monitoring phase, Patriot will be there to insure the client maximizes their properties potential.  

Property Management:

At Patriot we understand that many headaches and hassles accompany the pleasures of property ownership. We can help eliminate those headaches through our abilities to handle our clients property management needs and maximize its potential for those that utilize the property. We tailor our approach to property management based on the needs of the landowner and the activities taking place on the property. Patriot works with the current management of the property to maximize some often under utilized assets, such as hunting leasing oversight and management.

Patriot can:

  • Protect and become a presence on lands not normally controlled or occupied
  • Act as a third party liaison between landowners, hunters, neighbors, and those that use the property
  • Develop management plans and keep data to evaluate efforts
  • A neutral third party that opens doors and calms nerves
  • Management practices that get results and improve your property
  • Reduced trespassing, dangers and destruction of property
  • Search out and find reliable farmers, tenants, hunters, boarders or anything else your property requires to utilize its profitability and value
  • Much more…