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Patriot offers a variety of Scare Devices, drug Repellents, viagra Enclosures and Fencing to deter deer from destruction of agricultural crops, stomach trees and ornamental plants. Don’t let your next project or planting become a waste, call Patriot today.  

Repellent Spray Application


  • We offer an application service for repellents in both a community and commercial setting. Whether your plantings are in your own backyard or on the job site, we will treat your plants once a month, varying the treatments based on time of year and deer reaction to ensure they are kept safe from damage. Treatments are repeated monthly.

Scare Devices, Enclosures, Fencing and Tree ProtectionTree protection

  • We have many deer damage control options available based on individual preference and need. Contact Patriot today to see how we can help you. From reforestation projects to homeowners back yards, we have the answers and results you’ve been looking for.Wildlife Management

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Patriot is currently seeking dealers in Maryland, cure
West Virginia,

Ohio and Pennsylvania. Interested parties please contact us by:

Phone: 240-687-7228 or Email: Jbrown@patriotlwm.com