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Maryland Duck and Goose Hunting

price helvetica, ambulance sans-serif;”>Prices 2013 

October 1st – 5th $2,700.00

October 7th – 11th $2,500.00

Youth gun Hunt 6th – 7th (Call For Pricing) 100% Kill Rate The Past 2 Years

October 23rd – 27th $2,400.00

October 29th – Nov 2nd $2,500.00 PRE RUT

November 4th – 8th $2,500.00 PEAK RUT

November 16th – 20th $2,600.00 PEAK RUT

Thanksgiving Bow Hunts Nov 26th – Dec 2nd $1700.00

Late Season Bow Hunts $1000.00 / 4 DAY’S

Gun Hunts 2013 

1st Gun Hunt Nov. 22, 23, 24 –  $2,600.00

2nd Gun Hunt Dec. 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th $2,800.00

Muzzleloader Only Dec. 13th, 14th, 15th $2,400.00

Combo Hunts 2013      

Nov. 17th – 24th  5 Day Bow / 3 Day Gun $4,700.00

Nov. 30th – Dec 8th  5 Day Bow  / 3 Day Gun $4,700.00

Dec 9th – Dec 15th  4 Day Bow / 3 Day Gun – $3,000.00 

 (Muzzleloader Only)

Fully Guided hunts include Lodging, look
Breakfast, stomach
Supper, Care of Animal and Transportation. You will have a guide during your entire hunt but the guide does not sit with you in the tree. We will go over with you where you are hunting based on the weather and thermals and show you pictures and sheds of animals on that farm. You will know where you are going to hunt, what kind of stand it is, and why you are going there. We will be hunting on 10,000+ acres. 50% required upon booking remainder due 1 month before arrival. Arrive after 2:00p.m. the day before your hunt and depart by 8:00a.m. the morning after your hunt. No trophy fees – $1000.00 management fee if you take an animal below 130″s Pope & Young.

2010 Fully Guided Bow Hunts – Pre Rut
Fully Guided Bow Hunts – Not Guaranteed Hunts – Hunts are in the Wild
Oct. 7 – 11 ………..$2,400 pp evenings only
Oct. 21 – 22 ………$2,000 pp evenings only
Oct. 25 – 29………$2,000 pp scraping, rubbing, calling period

2010 Fully Guided Bow Hunts – Rut
Fully Guided Bow Hunts – Not Guaranteed Hunts – Hunts are in the Wild
Nov. 1- 5…………….$2,200 pp scraping, rubbing, calling period
Nov. 7- 11 ………….$2,500 pp scraping, rubbing, seeking, calling period
Nov. 13 – 17 ………..$2,600 pp chasing peak rut period
Thanksgiving week..$1,800 pp peak rut – 5 days

2010 Fully Guided Firearm
Nov. 19,20,21 ……$2,600 1st gun season – shotgun or muzzleloader – scopes ok
Dec. 10,11,12 ……$2,300 muzzleloader only

The above hunts do not include your Archery Deer Permit, Hunting License and Habitat Stamp. You will need to acquire your licenses over the phone through Illinois Department of Natural Resources. In 2006 all hunters applying for Illinois received a permit and there were 1500 left over. Besides purchasing your permit you will need to pick up some basic lunch items for a brown bag lunch and drinks in the field. If you are coming in by plane we will stop at the local grocery for any small items you might need. Group discount for booking 8 or more. Archery permit $400.00 – 5 day hunting license $28.75 – Habitat Stamp $5.50.

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sans-serif;”>Maryland Duck and Goose Hunting



Some of the finest waterfowl hunting that Maryland’s often overlooked western shore has to offer, these guys specialize in the large resident goose populations of Montgomery, Frederick and Carroll counties, Maryland as well as fine duck hunting on the Potomac River. Just 20 minutes outside of Washington or Baltimore, they are the perfect choice for a morning hunt and still be in the office by 12:00. If you’re looking for a fun morning of waterfolwin’, these guys are good.

For more information or to book a hunt call 240-687-7228 or email: Jbrown@PatriotLWMoutdoors.com


There is a $400 minimum on hunts. 

Field Hunt: $145 a person

Pond Hunt: $160 a person

River Hunt: $185 a person