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Hunting Consulting


What are custom websites?

A custom website is a site specifically taylored to meet your needs. For example, look a place to post info for your hunting mates, remedy show off your trophy pictures, no rx pass messages about the latest hunting conditions. If you have a hunt club, hunting group of friends, or just like to show others your prize kills you need a custom hunt club site today.

What site features can I expect?

standard.gif Standard Package Services

  • Custom Color Scheme
  • Logo Design
  • Picture Gallery
  • Hunt Club Letterhead
  • Space on http://www.patriotlwm.com/your_hunt_club_name
  • Administrative Message Board

plus.gif Plus Package Services

  • All Standard Package Services
  • Daily Calendar of Events
  • Business Card Design
  • Search Engine Registration
  • Electronic Game Log
  • Complete subdomain http://your_hunt_club_name.patriotlwm.com

gold.gif Gold Services
(not a package, services can be purchased individually)

  • Secure Member Log In
  • Member Message Board
  • Flyer, Poster, Car Magnet, and other general artwork
  • Monthly E-newsletter
  • Complete domain http://www.your_hunt_club_name.com

Let us put the seal of quality that people know and trust on your website.

Patriot is prepared to bring your hunt club or wildlife related site to life. You are guaranteed an innovative design and quality service. Stop messing around with people who never return your calls and take forever to start moving with your web site. Get the recognition and service you deserve with Patriot Custom Hunt Club websites.

Contact us about making your hunt club’s website right now.

more about
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what is ed
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 free time is the limiting factor that separates a great property from an average property. The best properties around will never realize their full potential until someone has the time to do the things necessary to help unlock it’s mysteries.

Whether you’re a property manager, hunt club, private landowner or individual, sometimes conditions may arise that require outside assistance or advice. Patriot can help with a wide range of skills to save both time and money.

Skills Include:

  • Initial hunt club design or reorganization
  • Treestand placement
  • Property improvement
  • Property protection advice and labor
  • Wildlife population studies
  • Mineral and supplement station monitoring and refilling
  • QDM strategies and cooperative design
  • Plus many more…

If it relates to hunting or property management we can help. For more information contact Patriot LWM Outdoors today at 240-687-7228.