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551 Acres Prime Deer Hunting Property, South Pope County, Illinois

hospital helvetica, cheap sans-serif;”>This 551 acres is located in South Pope County. South Pope is an area where big buck hunters seek out. Very remote and great genetics along the Ohio River bottoms that produce monster Boone and Crockett whitetails. Adjoining crop fields in mid summer have had up to 100 deer in the Soy Bean and Alfalfa fields with numbers and numbers of big shooter bucks. This farm has been managed and extreme work put into it. Shooting houses have been set up, there food plots of imperial clover, radishes, brassicas, and chufa. Roads and paths have been put in the woods with dozers and track hoes. Hidden food plots back in the woods allow for all day hunting. Turkey flourish here with all the clover and chufa food plots. It does not get better than this piece you have the chance to see multiple super bucks on this chunk of property. A new pond was established in 2010 and will be stocked in the spring of 2011. Excellent lodge location on entry of property out of the way of the hunting grounds. Boone and Crockett bucks are still alive here and many great ones have been taken here and around this ground in years past.
Timber Plan on property keeping taxes low and very manageable.

Come take a look at this piece it is worth your time.

Property could be split into 2 pieces. Many acres around this piece are managed.

551 Acres Pope County Illinois – $2,850.00 per acre

Contact Patriot LWM for more information on the property or others. 240-687-7228. Jbrown@PatriotLWM.com

263 Acres, Hardin County, Illinois

troche helvetica, troche sans-serif;”>ask helvetica, sans-serif;”>This Hardin County IL tract is an outstanding spot for Super Bucks to live. The thicketts up top, Year Round Water in the creek system, and remoteness of the whole property is a 1,2 knock out for big bucks. Food Plots keep the animals right on the property for easy hunting and road systems make getting around quite and easy. This farm is loaded with deer and Turkeys. The Creek system provides some fishing for those wanting to enjoy some angleing. Up top at the end of the Recorded Easement lies a nice spot for a Lodge set back privately where one would not be bothered. Beautiful Views, Remote, Outstanding Hunting, …………… This is a farm to come see.

MONSTER whitetails have been published in National Hunting magazines out of this county.
Come Take a Look!

Contact Patriot LWM for more information on the property or others. 240-687-7228. Jbrown@PatriotLWM.com


246 Acres, Saline County, Illinois

check helvetica, unhealthy sans-serif;”> 246 Acres holding some of the largest and best genetics known to whitetails. This farm in the past has had a 224″ Non typical walking on it and currently has a TRIPLE Drop Tine buck alive and walking that is an absolute monster. The drop tines are from 8″s to a foot in length. Check out the 1 photo we have of him. Many super bucks in this area and great turkey population. Land to the North adjoining is a super bedding area due to it being a reclaimed coal mine. This property is a combination of hills and bottom ground adjoining the Saline River. There are 2 crop fields being rotated from Soybeans to Corn. Not only does the crop fields bring in income but there is also a filter stip program and a tree program bringing in some income for the property. 3 good areas for a lodge that will not affect your hunting area and a road system throughout. Food plots have been put in and shooting houses. This is a must see property not every property in the country has 200″ plus genetics and bucks with 3 drop tines.
there helvetica, sans-serif;”>Call us if you are a big buck hunter!.. you need to take a look.
$2,750.00 per acre firm – $676,500

Contact Patriot LWM for more information on the property or others. 240-687-7228. Jbrown@PatriotLWM.com


203 Acres Hunting Property, Pope County, Illinois

medical helvetica, check sans-serif;”>This 203acres is located in the heart of Pope County, store Illinois. 

Pope County Illinois is known as the deer capital of Illinois holding a 3 day celebration with a parade, huge BBQ, and businesses shutting down for the 3 day deer season. Super whitetails have came out of Pope County and been on multiple outdoor tv shows and many articles in magazines. Properties like below are the best of the best the County has to offer. This property has been managed for years and very remote. Food plots, roads, paths, shooting houses, tripods, and stands are on the grounds and ready to walk on and hunt the Illinois bruisers. Please look at the pics of a few of the bucks we have captured on cams and some local kills from the adjoining farms. This is a high end 1 of a kind farm – Turkey and Deer flourish on the farm. Around $7,200.00 in income is coming in from Tree Programs in the bottom fields and CRP programs in the front field. A Timber Plan has been completed on the farm and the biologists have set a plan to keep timber values and promotion of excellent growth to the best hardwood oak trees. With the Timber Plan, Food Plots, Tree Programs, and Deep Creek always with water this property is a haven for all wildlife.

400+acres of No Hunting to the North helps keep this farm one of the best.

Price Firm – $578,550.00

Contact Patriot LWM for more information on the property or others. 240-687-7228. Jbrown@PatriotLWM.com

190 Acres, Pope Co. Illinois

medical helvetica, pharmacy sans-serif;”>This 190acres is located in the middle of Giant crop fields and 1,000s of acres of Hardwoods. The property has a lodge site or camper park area overlooking a deep stocked fish pond. Throughout the grounds is a road system for easy access hunting of deer and turkey.

There are multiple food plots on the property where multiple hunters can set up bow stands and or just hunt out of the shooting houses already in place. Great Cover for bedding and mast crop for all wildlife. Property has been put in a Stewardship program to keep taxes low but the wildlife value high.
Give us a call to come check out this locked remote property.

List Price $560,500

Contact Patriot LWM for more information on the property or others. 240-687-7228. Jbrown@PatriotLWM.com


160 Acres Property Ready to Hunt 100% Set Up Perfectly, Massac County, Illinois

sales helvetica, troche sans-serif;”>Limed to the exact neutral soils and fertilized to the exact on soil tests. Imperial Whitetail Clover, treat Imperial Alfa Rack, Buck Wheat, Egyptian Wheat, and Chufa planted in all food plots. Brand new road put into and through property with small outlet roads to smaller bow hunting food plots. Property is Very thick and holds all wildlife in the area due to the magnificent food plots. Multiple Shooting houses to go with this farm and one in particular worth $8k to $10,000 dollars. You could hunt 6 people in this stand. Scent contained, slide up tinted windows with mesh screens. Multiple food plots to hunt over and a newly plante CHUFA field to hold all turkeys in that region. Lots of deer and always Turkeys. New small cabin on property. Cabin is currently hooked up to a well and a boxed in quite generator. Owner is putting electric in currently but the property does not have to have it. Lodge is in front away from hunting grounds.

 Contact Patriot LWM for more information on the property or others. 240-687-7228. Jbrown@PatriotLWM.com

83 Acres in Friendville, MD *SOLD*

  • 1/2 mile frontage Buffalo Run Trout Streat
  • Reclaimable Mineral Rights
  • Professionally Managed Food Plots
  • Patriot Land & Wildlife Management Services
  • 4 established Mineral Lick Stations
  • Fully enclosed hunting stands
  • 30′ comfortable trailer
  • 900 acre Yough Wildlife Management Area State Park
  • Yough Lake Views
  • Detailed survey and plat
  • Chicory, Clover, Imperial Winter Greens, Tecomate forage Oats
  • QDMA (Quality Deer Management Area)
  • 6 miles off of Interstate 68
  • Perc approved
Everything you need to establish your own private hunting experience or share your find with friends & family. Roads, trails, fields, forest, bluffs, year-round stream. Relax along the 1/2 mile of frontage on Buffalo Run Trout stream; enjoy the game visiting the professionally maintained food plots planted with Clover, Imperial Forage oats, and Chicory; The 4 established lick stations are well known by the wildlife; Visit the adjacent 900 acre Yough Wildlife Management Area State Park with trails leading right to it; Timber cruise indicates $100,000+ in timber value – watch your investment grow! 

143 Acres in PG County Maryland *SOLD*

Great property for a hunt club. 143 acres in Southern PG County Maryland. This property has 3 great ponds, flooded timber, hardwood timber and acres of warm season grasses. The property is surrounded by Park and Government Property that will NEVER be developed. Great property to implement a Quality Deer Management Program with no outside influences. Gamebirds, turkey, deer and ducks abound on the property. Patriot staff saw a 150′ buck their first time on the property. Contact Patriot LWM for more information on the property or others. 240-687-7228. Jbrown@PatriotLWM.com

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